Ahmet Aycan Atak

Aycan Atak

Video Game Developer

Formerly, studied data mining/machine learning and published a couple of conference papers. Worked as a research assistant in Istanbul Technical University and MEF University. Involved several research projects on data mining, machine learning and natural language processing. Then founded a mobile game studio (currently defunct). Now, designing and developing video games for PC, iOS, Android and web browsers.


2009 - 2014

Istanbul Technical University

Research and Teaching Assistant

Studied data mining and assisted computer engineering courses including object oriented programming, computer graphics, software engineering. Published a couple of research papers on spam mail detection and predicting web page quality.

2014 - 2015

Aggressive Lamb Games

Co-Founder and Software Engineer

Developed and distributed three mobile games on iOS and Android. In this company, we produced arcade, action and puzzle games. Currently defunct and games are not available. Android apk files are available upon request.

2015 - 2017

MEF University

Research and Teaching Assistant

Assisted computer engineering courses including data structures, object oriented programming, algorithms and programming studio. Offered game programming courses (Unity3D) and supervised student video game projects.

2017 - present


Video Game Developer

Developing mobile games and participating game jams. Developed three iOS and an Android game in this period so far. Promo codes and project sources are available upon request.




an arcade game for iOS and Android


a puzzle game for iOS and Android
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